Why We're Different


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard

Owl in a Towel is honored to participate in the Environmental Working Group's EWG VERIFIED™ program. EWG is a non-profit organization dedicated to consumer safety. By providing researched facts and databases easily accessible to the public, EWG helps empower consumers with informed decision-making about what personal care products to buy and apply.

Owl in a Towel's Bergamot Deodorant Cream has earned the EWG VERIFIED™ FOR YOUR HEALTH™ mark by participating in a rigorous product review process. By adhering to stringent ingredient standards, formula transparency, clear labeling, and ensuring products are free of EWG’s ingredients of concern, the Bergamot Deodorant Cream met the mark and proudly displays that mark on every tube.


With a focused pursuit to create body care that's safe, convenient and responsible, we aim to develop formulas that really work, without compromising on any ingredients. Our objective is to formulate without using synthetics. We're proud to say the result is effective, healthy, and high-quality. Synthetics are commonly used in deodorants and other personal care products. Examples, include silicones, fragrances, synthetic Vitamin E and synthetic preservatives. We don't want to use petrochemical-based ingredients. With Owl in a Towel, you won't have to either. 



Now, one doesn't have to choose between a healthy deodorant and a convenient application. Many deodorants creams are contained in jars and need to be applied to underarms by hand. Our deodorant cream makes for a clean morning routine with its unique, hands-free applicator. Often, stick deodorants don't apply smoothly and leave a dry, crumbly, or sticky residue. Roll-on deodorants apply cold and wet. With our Bergamot Deodorant Cream, squeeze the tube, apply directly to each underarm, and say goodbye to messy hands. As it should be, you won't think about your underarms again until the next day. 


High standards shouldn't be limited to ingredients in products. Packaging matters too. The tube for the Bergamot Deodorant Cream is generated from sugarcane, resulting in a net reduction in carbon emissions. These sugarcane-based polyethylene tubes are a #4 plastic. Plastic tubes are often not recyclable because they are a blend of plastics (#7) and labeling is unclear as to what type of plastic they're made from. Ask your local recycling company if they take #4 plastics. There are alternatives to tubes made from virgin, petroleum-based plastics. We made that choice. It's as simple as that.