I love this hand cream, my son who normally does not use any kind of lotion or cream likes it as well. It's not greasy or heavy. He is a scout and with the weather as it has been this winter (colder than usual) he says it has helped a lot after scout events. This product is a win win for both of us.
Love the cream and love the scent.
Johana M, Belleville NJ
This cream is thick, all natural, and a must have during the winter!
Jennifer C, Lynchburg VA
This hand cream works so well on dry hands, elbows or wherever needed. It has a subtle earthy like scent followed with fresh green pine. This hand cream has a great consistency and absorbs quickly leaving dry areas hydrated and soft. I'm very opinionated and honest about reviewing a product, and I find this hand cream to be a great product.
Piper E, Middlesboro KY
I loved this lotion how smooth and soft it made my skin look and feel! And the smell was absolutely amazing.
Chaniece P, Biloxi MS
Works like magic!!! Smells like Christmas trees.
Brandi H, Batavia NY
Been loving this hand cream! Made with great ingredients and moisturizes well!
Tiffany J, Green Forest AR
Owl in a Towel Balsam Fir Hand Cream is a soothing lotion that goes on smooth and leaves your hands feeling soft, but not greasy. The fresh, natural scent is very pleasing.
Gypsy L, Avondale PA
I really enjoy this Owl in a Towel Balsam Fir Hand Cream, leaves my hands feeling soft, hydrated, and moisturized, perfect for this cold when my hands becomes dry!
Dulce P, Lyons IL
This smells SO GOOD! Very hydrating on my hands as well.
Ellary M, Vineyard UT
This handcream has a pleasant scent and is not overpowering. It absorbs very quickly too.
Kimberly A, Farmingville NY
This was a great product! It really helped to get moisture in my dry skin. I used the whole sample very quickly. The smell was a great fresh scent.
Larissa H, Washington Boro PA
Absolutely love this hand cream!
Joann W, Wilmington DE
This made my hands very soft.
Stephanie D, LAKELAND FL
Great cream…has been good on my dry hands this winter. It has a faint scent that I like.
Nataly F, Chino CA
This hand cream has a really nice smell. It isn’t too greasy and leaves my hands feeling great!
Wendy S, Brasher Falls NY
It's very creamy and moisturizing. It smells like the wilderness and it leaves my hands feeling soft.
Maria A, West Palm Beach FL
Fantastic hand cream. I often find I can't use them for one reason or another. This worked great.
Sarri K, Wichita KS
What a perfect scent for Winter! I received a bottle of Owl in a Towel Balsam Fir Hand Cream to try out from Daily Goodie Box! I was so excited to try this. I always have dry hands, especially in the fall and winter, so I am always looking for a good hand cream. I love that all of the ingredients are Nature-Derived! The Evergreen scent is nice, but not something that I'd normally choose. It is not strong smelly, which I appreciate. The scent goes well for winter. The lotion is very nice. It quickly absorbs into my skin and leaves my hands feeling silky smooth and non-greasy. I love how this makes my hands feel! I will definitely continue using this product and am going to check out other products by Owl in a Towel!
Christine J, Akron OH
I appreciate a good hand cream this time of year! Thank you!
Caitlin C, Freeport PA
I love that it is all natural and soaks into my skin super fast and the slight scent of evergreen makes it energizing and revitalizing to the senses. I would definitely recommend Owl In A Towel Hand Cream to all of my family and friends and anyone else who will listen 10 out of 10 they definitely hit it out of the park with this product what a true gem in the line of hand lotions.
Really nice lotion. Smells great. Not greasy at all. Love it!
Lisa D, Merced CA
Great lotion! Left my hands and arms soft and not greasy at all.
stephanie r, Maple Hill NC
This hand cream smells great and is so nourishing.
inel w, Cumming GA
Amazing hand cream! Smells amazing and one of my favorite smells! Perfect for dry skin in the winter months! Has been saving my dry and chapped hands! Would 100% recommend and purchase in the future! I love it!
Lisa O, Spooner WI
Really enjoyed the hand cream, not sticky and really smooth and no greasy feeling.
Teresa S, Weston WV
I loved the smell of this. Not too overpowering. It left my hands so soft and smooth.
Angela M, Portage IN
Nice hand cream. Leaves my hands feeling soft and silky and has a pleasant scent.
Sylvia D, Picayune MS
This smells so good and makes my hands feel so soft definitely a repeat customer here.
April F, Cave city KY
Loved It. The scent was nice, not overpowering. Slight greasy feeling as I put it on but that went away quickly as it soaked in. Made my hands feel nice and soft. I would recommend this to anyone.
This hand cream gave my hands the moisture back they needed. This cream is very moisturizing and is not greasy or oily feeling. It goes on very well and is absorbed very quickly.
Christi O, Brookhaven MS
This was a nice hand cream. Made my hands softer and good smell, nothing strong.
Connie H, Elkton MD
This is a thicker consistency cream, which is perfect now that we are having colder weather. It has so far protected my hands from chapping. A+
Amanda B, Tomah WI
Nice and thick.
Andrea K, Paragould AR
Perfect for winter dryness. I keep this in my backpack so my hands can feel pampered no matter where I am. Normally I have cracking and this helps.
Kitty O, Ann Arbor MI
Love this stuff. Put it on my feet then put socks on. Good stuff. Thank you
Shanda C, Richards MO
This hand cream is amazing! It smells so good. Kept my hands soft for most of the day even in the cold weather!
Heather H, Lima OH
Great lotion and I love the smell.
Jean P, Linden TX
Owl in a Towel has brought Christmas to my dry skin! The sweet smell of pine is light yet floods my memories with holiday cheer and brighter holidays. The hand cream quickly dries and provides a softer touch. Would you like to hold my hand?
MaryJo D, Orono ME
This hand cream left my hands silky smooth. It has such a fresh natural scent. This was my first time using Owl in A Towel Balsam Fir Hand Cream & it definitely won’t be my last! This would make a perfect stocking stuffer!
Kaley D, Fresno CA
Wonderful, made my hands feel smooth and moisturized. I love trying new things and would’ve never heard of this product until I got my goodie box, this product is awesome, would purchase it.
Tiffany H, Fenton MO
Owl in a Towel is such a cute name and the Balsam Fir Hand Cream really does a great job of naturally moisturizing my hands especially when I have to wash them multiple times a day and they can get dry and crack. The evergreen aroma is a little deep and strong, but this is a natural hand cream with no synthetic additives so I can feel good about using it.
Angelica H, South Point OH
This smells lovely and works great on chapped skin!
Christin B, Pearland TX
This hand cream is lightly scented and smells of great cut Christmas tree without the strong odor. It's a very light cream with no greasy or sticky after feeling.
Alisha R, Johnson City TN
Very nice smooth hand cream. Will be great for winter or dry areas.
Tracy B, Hampton VA
I found the hand cream to be refreshing and aromatic. Not greasy and moisturizing. The tube is recyclable as it is bio-based which I find encouraging.
Cathy M, Clarksville TN
This hand cream is fantastic. The smell is not strong. It's a refreshing scent. Some hand creams are oily but, this hand cream is not it's creamy and smooth and soaks into your hand quickly. I'm going to have to by some more. Love this one!!
Brittany D, Colorado springs CO
Great instant hydration. My dry hands instantly felt smooth and moisturized and it absorbed really quickly. Recommend to anyone with dry hands.
Veronika V, Bentonville AR
The consistency of Owl in a Towel Balsam Fir Hand Cream is nice and thick - just perfect. It is not greasy and has a pleasant earthy scent. I have already brought it with me in the car as an "on the go" size to use throughout the winter months when my hands need extra moisture. I would recommend this product to others.
Wonderful! Nice moisturizer!
Judy W, Cottageville WV
This is a wonderful product ! I'm actually going to buy for Christmas gifts this year. One application lasts all day. I love the way it feels on skin I know it’s hand cream but with being such a natural product it is a great face cream also!
Lashell D, Florence SC
This lotion is very thick, which is a good thing for those with extremely dry skin. I can feel my skin soaking it in like a straw and it's still smooth and soft afterwards for a while. The pine smell is quite a delightful bonus!
Kate M, Charlotte courthouse VA
This hand cream is a delightful relief for dry hands. Quickly absorbed by my hands.
It smells like breaking and sniffing a branch of a Christmas tree. Prefect gift for Christmas! Will definitely choose Owl in a Towel among other Balsam cream as it is organic and natural.
Elaine C, San Jose CA
Love that this lotion is made with natural ingredients. The smell is very subtle, not at all overwhelming. It worked great, you really don't need too much for it to work.
Shelby Y, North Little Rock AR
One of the best hand creams I’ve tried, makes hands very soft and great scent ❤️
Chelsea R, Plant city FL
Works great for dry skin.
Nicole S, Temple TX
Makes my hands really soft. This is a god-sent because winter is coming soon here in Michigan. The cream absorbs fast into my skin. Seems to be composed of natural chemicals and no synthetic additives. It has a subtle evergreen odor.
Idalys O, Royal Oak MI
This hand cream is pretty good! It's thick, but not so thick that it feels gross on your skin. It has helped my dry skin a lot!
Brooke B, Hawthorn PA
This cream is so wonderful for my dry hands ty.
Nancy H, Cogswell ND
So soothing and love the scent!
Diane M, Pittsburgh PA
Love the hand cream I also used it on my feet.
Nancy S, Sharon PA