Is Bergamot Oil Good for Skin?

Is Bergamot Oil Good for Skin?

Our deodorant cream, hand cream and hand sanitizers are infused with bergamot because this fruit possesses three special qualities. First, it’s uplifting and calming aromatherapy properties are ideal to incorporate into one's routine. And, it makes for a fantastic natural alternative to synthetic fragrance. Most importantly, unlike many other citrus essential oils, such as lemon, lime and grapefruit, our bergamot will not increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

That’s because our oil is bergaptene-free. Notably, standard bergamot should not be applied to skin because it contains bergaptene. Other brands using this ingredient typically don’t specify whether or not it’s bergaptene-free. It’s a critical distinction if you’re applying such products to your skin. The bergamot we use will always be bergaptene-free so you can enjoy the benefits of bergamot in the great outdoors.

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